Cada nome random do caralho...

The Sims: Chicken 2000
NBA Chicken Exhibition
Mexican Bedtime Nitro
Electric Ballet Stars
Return of Banana Takedown
Cyber Mushroom Knights
Mexican Banana Connection
Indiana Jones and the Bible Warfare
Blazing Hang Glider Bastards
Enormous Spatula Terror
Surprise Castlevania in Vegas
Satan's Fun Noodle Fun
Chinese Batman Playhouse
Chinese Cardboard 2000
Frankenstein's Aerobics Nightmare
The Muppets Sewer in the Magic Kingdom
Romantic Zombie vs. Street Fighter
Masters of the Sword Through Time (admito que esse ficou FODA...)
Deadly Cooking Fighter
Mickey's Wagon Slaughter
Dracula's Sunshine Studio (WHAT?!)
Psycho Fire Jr.
Dead or Alive Banjo Disaster
Britney Spears' Matador from Hell (LOLOLOLOLOL!!!111!!1!!!!ONE!ELEVEN!SHIFT!)
Sexy Dating - Limited Edition
The Castle of the Metal Underground
Lovely Beach Crime Scene Investigation
Awesome Transvestite in Middle-Earth
Duke Nukem: Dance Roundup
African Sumo EX
Rock 'n' Roll Sex of the Deep
Michael Jackson's Wedding Football
Ultraviolent Devil II
Hitler's Dinosaur Diesel
Golden Dating Uncensored
Tony Hawk's Disco GT
Samba de Metal Dreamland (Detonator says: Isso é uma profanação ao Deus Metal!)
Star Wars Sumo Story
Hardcore Underwear Farmer
Neurotic Sumo Melee
Psycho Harvest Turbo
High-Speed Samurai Farmer
The Muppets Bible Fever
Mega Man's Mutant Dash
Sexy Car - The Movie
Turbo Yeti Madness
Kamikaze Monkey Syndrome
NBA Breakdancing Exhibition
Cool Katana of Love
The Simpsons' Motocross Starring Mickey Mouse
Tasteless Raccoon Mansion
Holy Kung-fu Revenge
Heavy Metal Death Omega (Detonator says: METAAAAALLL!)
Mary Kate and Ashley's Lego - Collector's Edition
Final Fantasy Kitchen Remix
No One Can Stop the Devil Gold
Boring Chipmunk II
Forgotten Sex Conflict
Amazon Punching Hell
Monty Python's Dragon Hospital (como uma viciada em Monty Python, caguei de rir disso!)
Hitler's Weight Loss Orchestra
My Very Own Flatulence from Outer Space
Incomprehensible Llama Explorer
Luigi's Chocobo Fever
Everybody Hates the Alligator Kid
Asian Railroad of Death
Planet of the Funk Psychiatrist
Jamaican Music Domination
Sonic's Dinosaur Football
Return of Conga - The Quickening
Michael Jackson's Love Castle
Revenge of the Surgery Starring Mickey Mouse
The Sims: Dating Smash
Jackie Chan's Snowboard - The Lost Levels
Scottish Flatulence Baseball
Jedi Burger Massacre
Holy Matador Z
Post-Apocalyptic Hoedown Horror
Mario's Kung-fu Fortress
Silly Shaving Lord (caraca... esse até pareceu uma sketch do Monty Python)
Save Yourself from the Fishing Boy
Space Battle Ultra (parece nome daqueles games da época dos 8-16 bits)
Killer Barbarian Bastards
Lord of the Transvestite Girl
Lord of the Castlevania Insurrection
Neo Flatulence Gaiden
Celebrity Nudist Invaders
Mario's Sexy Dating Kung-fu
Heavy Metal Dinosaur Joe (Detonator says: METAAAAALLL! [2])
Android Princess of Death (é, até que esse ficou legalzinho)

... and so on.
Me diverti muito brincando com esse site. :)

Cheerio! o/